Nexia international

The auditing is an area in which such factors as qualification, professionalism and experience are especially important. A perfection of qualification and professionalism in many aspects depends on ability of the person to fill up the knowledge constantly and to develop ethical culture. At the same time, an experience demands from us to overcome barriers of the local economic market and to join world experience and achievements in the auditing which have gained for a long centuries of the existence of auditor services.
The international networks of auditor firms offer the professionalism and world experience in the auditing. All member firms of the international networks are the subject of the annual quality control review programme. Thus, the such quality of auditing and other related services, which conforms to the world standards in the auditing, is provided. 
Many largest international networks of audit firms (usually, in a spoken language we name them by international audit firms) are presented in Latvia.One of such firms is Nexia International a worldwide network of independent auditors, business advisers and consultants. Nexia International is ranking in the top ten of the largest international audit firms and networks and is a full member of Forum of Firms of International Federation of Accountants.
Nexia International was founded in 1971 by two firms - Oppenheim Appel Dixon & Associates, USA and Spicer & Pegler, UK. Now Nexia is represented in 110 countries. In 600 member firms of Nexia work more than 24 000 professionals. Thus, clients of Nexia receive the necessary qualitative assistance at the international level in the business decision-making connected with audit, accounting, taxation, finance and legal issues.
Each of Nexia member firms is an independent commercial entity with the exclusive right to represent Nexia in certain territory. Clients of Nexia representatives receive side benefits in the international economic market at the expense of cooperation between Nexia member firms all over the world.
Nexia Audit Advice has been internationally recognized by virtue of qualification of the personnel and the honest attitude to clients. Since 2008 the Nexia International - one of the largest international networks of audit firms - is represented by a commercial company of sworn auditors Nexia Audit Advice in Latvia.
But the team of Nexia Audit Advice does not stop on the reached results and continues to develop the established traditions, and traditions of Nexia in the auditing and related services, offering clients more and more wide spectrum of services.