About us


Nexia Audit Advice has a successful track record of providing services to individuals, small and medium-sized companies, individuals, as well as largest companies and international holdings.
Nexia Audit Advice is focused on supporting local businesses as they grow and through the Nexia International network, we can also help our clients confidently venture into new international markets.
Nexia Audit Advice currently serves around 600 clients. These clients represent various branches, industry sectors and business forms, and also differ in structure and business complexity. They include entities and organisations from both the public and private business sectors, companies with local ownership and multinational groups. The firm also audits projects co-financed by the EU. The Company has experience in joint project activities with our partner network Nexia International.
Nexia Audit Advice serves public interest entities, including companies listed on the Nasdaq Riga stock exchange (publicly listed companies with IPOs and bond offerings).