About us

Nexia Audit Advice is one of the largest certified audit firms in Latvia. Founded in 2006, the firm, comprising 5 offices located in Latvia’s key economic cities (two in Riga and others in Liepaja, Ludza and Valmiera) has rapidly expanded, merging with three other respected audit companies which continue to operate as separate branches. This means the firm is uniquely present in every Latvian region.

Nexia Audit Advice in Latvia represents one of the biggest worldwide networks of independent accounting and consulting firms Nexia International. As a proud member of the Nexia International network, Nexia Audit Advice is in a unique position to offer the best audit and assurance, accounting and advisory services whether you’re a small, family business or an international corporation.
Nexia Audit Advice was awarded a status of Certified Adviser on First North in Latvia by Nasdaq Riga stock exchange. First North Certified Advisers guide growth companies through the application process to the Nasdaq Baltic Alternative market, First North, and ensure the companies fulfil all First North requirements on a continuing basis.