About us

UAB Nexia JK is active since year of 2002.
During this period, UAB Nexia JK earned customer confidence and became one of the strongest companies providing audit, accounting, business and tax consulting services in the Republic of Lithuania.
Considering one of the attribute of the modern business – internationality, i.e. taking into account the fact that the services provided by clients are not limited to the borders of the Republic of Lithuania and its legal regulation, in order to strengthen its ambition to provide more individual, higher quality, more efficient services not only in the Republic of Lithuania but also abroad, in the international markets, UAB Nexia JK strengthened its position in the year of  2018 becoming a member of the NEXIA International network. More
Choosing UAB Nexia JK, you will get more responsive, more personal, partner-led service, across the world.
Therefore, choosing UAB Nexia JK, the customer chooses knowledge, experience and international contact base.

UAB Nexia JK is flexible in providing services, whether we are talking about services to start-up business or advanced ones.
UAB Nexia JK will resolve the client's financial issues from the start to the finish. It will be preparing, managing, controlling, transferring.
  • UAB Nexia JK concept - to provide reliable and high-quality services to our customers on national and international markets.
  • UAB Nexia JK purpose - to bring together a dedicated team of experienced professionals to ensure the use of knowledge and experience in the business.
  • UAB Nexia JK aim - always surpass expectations of the customers and employees, define our company's attitude towards business and progress very clearly.
UAB Nexia JK uses modern integrated methodologies and technologies to provide consistent and high quality services.