Nexia day is celebrated worldwide

25 07 2019

On July 25, 2019, for the third time, all participants of the international audit and consulting network celebrated the event - Nexia Day, which was attended by more than 17 thousand experts around the globe.

A large number of employers in the audit and consulting industry attract students and young specialists to offer them internship opportunities. This issue was discussed during the teleconference, held on the Nexia Day, between the two participants of Nexia International - audit consulting firms ICLC (Moscow, Russia) and Nexia Audit Advice SIA (Riga, Latvia).

The teleconference participants addressed the following points:

Does the internship at Nexia International group lead to a brilliant career? How promptly can inexperienced interns bring substantial value to the company? How to establish a healthy and productive relationship between a mentor and a student, without stalling the overall pace of the team? How to efficiently conduct an internship?

In particular, during the meeting, it was noted that the person who rose from the bottom to the role of manager and project director is arguably the most valuable employee. Those who elect to start and build their career in the firm tend to become the most loyal and valuable assets.

“The Nexia Baltic Region group is rapidly growing, thus, interns provide a fresh outlook on our future. Completing an internship in our group, grants interns an opportunity to study and understand our industry from the inside. If an intern is conducting his or her work responsibly and displays good performance, we invite him or her to join the team permanently. Some interns who joined us several years ago are currently occupying senior management positions, on top of that, some of them are ready to become directors”, said Andrey Ponomarev, head of Nexia Baltic Region SIA and Nexia Audit Advice SIA.

“To work at the massive international audit and consulting firm is a dream of all students who have chosen this path. The opportunity to practice and learn this industry was given to me by Nexia Audit Advice SIA”, said Alexander Laucis, a graduate of a bachelor’s degree at the University of Lancaster. “I am planning to complete a master's degree in accounting and auditing, so it was very exciting for me to work in such a welcoming and professional team and discover how a modern auditing firm operates. I expect that this knowledge and experience will assist me in my future work at this organization.”

Nexia Audit Advice SIA, as well as the Nexia Baltic Region group, would like to thank their colleagues from audit and consulting firm ICLC (Moscow, Russia) for their support and interaction during the teleconference, and hopes for further conducive cooperation between the two organizations.  


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