21 September 2021 the International Audit and Consulting Firm Nexia Audit Advice Officially Kicked Off Celebrating 15 Successful Years in Audit in Latvia

28 09 2021

As we celebrate this milestone, we have sincere appreciation and profound thanks to all that made it possible. First and foremost we would like to thank our clients, who we succeed with together; we’re also grateful to Nexia International, a leading worldwide network of independent accounting and consulting firms, who perform fantastic work and keep us at a competitive advantage; and finally, we thank each of our staff members, who are the most passionate and dedicated researchers in the industry and who make Nexia Audit Advice what it is today – and what it will become tomorrow.

What has happened over the last 15 years?

Established in 2006, over the last 15 years Nexia Audit Advice has grown to its leading positions becoming one of the top 5 audit firms in Latvia. Today more than 30 employees are working in 4 offices in Latvia covering Riga, Liepaja, Ludza and Valmiera. Our team includes 4 certified auditors, researchers with doctoral degrees, ACCA and ACAMS specialists, specialists in internal audit, certified accountants and tax consultants, lawyers and appraisers. We are proud that 90 per cent of our staff members have become certified specialists being part of Nexia Audit Advice. Our team with vast experience and key competencies across different disciplines and sectors is ready to meet our clients’ multisectoral requirements.

Being part of Nexia International, over the last 15 years Nexia Audit Advice has earned a trusted name in Latvia as well as outside. Our outstanding leadership in the region has been recognized by our partners in Nexia International. Nexia Audit Advice and its leader Dr. Andrejs Ponomarjovs, Chairman of the Board, have been honored with Nexia Flag Award 2020, established by Nexia International. Today our specialists are recommended by foreign and national research groups and organizations as experts in various competencies.

Nexia Audit Advice has become an active member of Nexia Baltic Region, an umbrella group in the Baltic region. On the basis of Nexia Baltic Region a user-friendly interface has been created in the region, which helps our partners and clients to move forward in the regional network, to find integration solutions, to obtain and share experience, expertise, talent, to build public confidence and create true value for clients. In November 2020 a Moscow branch was established by Nexia Audit Advice to find tailored solutions across different service lines for clients with activities and ambitions both in Russia and CIS members as well as in the Baltic region.

Interesting facts

  • The main aim of Nexia Audit Advice is to find tailored solutions for our clients. We maintain a culture of sustainable and comprehensive development of our staff members providing them with skills and knowledge needed to perform their day-to-day job regardless of their specialization.
  • We are one of the top 5 audit firms in Latvia, which means that our processes and systems, as well as technology platforms used, ensure quality of service recognized in Europe.
  • We are trusted by more than 500 clients only in Latvia, from small- and medium-sized companies to multinationals, from family-owned to listed businesses, across all sectors, private and public. Vast experience and developed key competencies obtained across different disciplines help us to meet ever changing compliance requirements and business challenges faced by our clients.
  • Nexia Audit Advice is Nasdaq Riga Certified Adviser on First North in Latvia.
  • Nexia Audit Advice specializes in IFRS advisory services for different clients including public interest entities.
  • Nexia Audit Advice regularly holds Nexia Day meetings, workshops and conferences for the effective dialogue with our partners and clients.
  • Nexia Audit Advice has developed ways and opportunities towards personal and professional development of each staff member, covering fees and encouraging staff to visit corporate courses, focused workshops, to take part in professional and sector conferences as listeners and speakers, to participate in working groups on development of legislation, to cooperate with media, to receive professional qualification and certificates on the basis of full support by Nexia Audit Advice. Nexia Audit Advice is ACCA Approved Employer, which means that our high standards of staff training and development are recognized by global community.
  • Nexia Audit Advice has developed education partnership on the basis of cooperation with universities, higher schools and colleges in Latvia to contribute to enhancing knowledge of young people. On top of that, since its establishment Nexia Audit Advice has developed and maintained training programs for talented economics, finance and management students in Latvia. During that time they had an opportunity to apply their knowledge in Nexia Audit Advice and many of them were hired after successful termination of their training and graduation.
  • Each staff member of Nexia Audit Advice has a chance to become a partner with a share in its profit. Today three of seven partners of Nexia Audit Advice have started their professional growth from internships in Nexia Audit Advice.

Cheers to 15 years!

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