Happy Nexia Day or Welcome to Nexia!

23 07 2020

On the 22nd of July Nexia Day was celebrated!On Nexia Day member firms of the Baltic Region, Nexia Audit Advice (Latvia) and Nexia JK (Lithuania) were happy to organize a virtual welcome to newcomers, Interbaltija (Latvia) and Flagman-D (Moldova), to the global network Nexia International.

On the 22nd of July, 2020, Nexia Audit Advice hosted a zoom-meeting aimed at creating business relationships and providing information support to the partners, who are ready and willing to join Nexia International, a global network of professionals. At the meeting the teams of the member firms of Nexia International, Nexia Audit Advice and Nexia JK, welcomed the candidates willing to enter the global network Nexia International, Interbaltija and Flagman-D.

At the meeting the Nexia member firms of the Baltic region took the role of a navigator on the map of advantages of the Nexia global network, which give opportunities for growth and development not only within the region but across the globe as well. For the last 10 years Nexia has become a flexible platform for the development of close relationships between partners and friends within the professional audit and advisory community in the Baltic region. On the basis of Nexia a user-friendly interface has been created in the Baltic region, which helps the partners and clients to move forward in the regional network, to find integration solutions, to obtain and share experience, expertise, talent, to build public confidence and create true value for clients.

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