JR Law

In depth specialization in the concrete fields of law is the cornerstone of the quality of legal services

Legal support for business

Our lawyers specializing in commercial law provide legal support in shareholder and stockholder disputes, in the assessment of the responsibility of the board, in the claims of companies and their shareholders for the recovery of losses caused to the company, etc.
Customers have entrusted us with several Baltic-wide significant mergers and acquisitions, as well as complex reorganization processes.
Our certified data protection specialists  provides support for Latvia’s leading companies in implementing data protection procedures.

Banking and financial law

We represents customers who have had disputes with banks. Our clients value the personal experience of JR Law lawyers who have worked in major Latvian credit institutions, because experience and the use of knowledge that has been tested in practice give customers the choice of the best solution to resolve conflicts.

Customers give us great appreciation for the quality of legal services provided, which is the basis for successful resolution of customer cases in legal proceedings or out-of-court procedures.

Real estate and construction

The team of JR Law provides long-term legal advice to major real estate project entrepreneurs – developers of office buildings, multi-apartment houses and production facilities, including legal assistance in the process of organizing potential real estate feasibility studies, acquisition, organizing environmental impact assessments, designing, constructing and selling of completed real estates.

Our lawyers provide legal support to Latvia’s largest construction companies in the Scandinavian market, including aspects of immigration, labour law and tax regulation.

About us

Based in Riga, Latvia, for more than fifteen years the firm has gained a solid reputation for providing legal services.

We have established close cooperation with law firms across the EU countries and CIS region.

JR Law has an outstanding record of getting deals done with their result-oriented can-do approach.